Solar Parking Lights

If ­you have a Garden or Car parking and have ever thought about lighting it at night, then you have probably heard about solar parking lights. many of them are think that its Quit expensive, but its wrong hardoll publish the best offer price for parking solar lights their advantage is that you don’t have to run any wiring for them. As long as a location gets direct sunlight, you can put a light there in about 15 seconds.

These­ lights are Very good and  interesting because they are almost like mini-satellites. They generate and store their own power during the day and then release it at night. This is just like a satellite that stores solar energy while it is on the sunny side of the planet and then uses that energy when it’s on the dark side. In this article, you will learn exactly how it happens!

Solar Water Proof Security Light

We offer best Home Street light with waterproff technology , variety of products we offer 120 Digree sensor angle and time delay is only 20 sec that shows its fast movement . the light time is 12 hours and more  it best for a Security light and most favourable think is solar panel is 5.5 v .